Redwoods are the essence of our community.

A combination of marine air, humidity, and fertile soil enable

redwood trees to grow quickly and create lush forests.

Commercial Forests

Our commercial redwood forests are sustainably managed and produce beautiful, functional redwood materials for homes, such as decking, furniture, and more.

Redwood Ecology

The redwoods are also a fascinating topic of study, as proven by the work of Professor Stephen Sillett (above) at Humboldt State University’s Institute for Redwood Ecology. As part of his research, Professor Sillet scales tall trees to understand the ecology of their canopies and the forests they create.

Video Tour: Stewardship & History

Many generations of families steward the redwood forests for long-term, sustainable harvests. These video vignettes capture three families, a Native American tribe, and a community’s history and approach to the future of growing and harvesting redwood.

Visiting Our Redwoods

Our majestic redwood parks draw thousands of visitors each year, and locals enjoy walking, riding, and exploring the redwood trails daily.

Even those who live, work, and play in Humboldt County sometimes find there is more to enjoy than time will allow...great local music, fresh air, outdoor recreation, award-winning local beers and cheeses, and lots more fun, food, and beauty.