Building & Systems Construction

Building and Systems Construction includes a number of industry groups that focus on the physical infrastructure of communities. The industry groups serves the Redwood Coast regional needs for housing, commercial structures and community systems, such as roadways and utilities, as well as state and national customers. A variety of support services have also grown, such as waste collection, treatment and disposal.

The market for home construction services is a significant driver in the Building and Systems Construction industry, which caused this industry to suffer the greatest impact from the recent economic recession. In the Redwood Coast region, the industry underwent a significant restructuring toward the end of the period, which resulted in less job and firm loss than occurred in the state and nation. This is also an indicator of the local industry's ability to adapt and diversify. A substantial part of this diversity comes from firms manufacturing parts and materials for large public or commercial construction, such as bridges, utilities, multi-story buildings and pollution-control equipment for large manufacturers.